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KLIP: Titanium Knife & EDC Suspension Hook
Expertly engineered using grade 5 titanium, KLIP is designed to withstand serious abuse, making it a durable companion for the most demanding cutting needs. KLIP has the perfect balance of tension and flexibility; not too tight, not too loose! Safely...
Keychain Pillbox & EDC Container
This convenient keychain pillbox helps carry your medicine or vitamins for the day. The light-weight aluminum casing protects your medicine from being crushed and is also water-proof. Great addition to your everyday carry. Dimensions Outside: 41mm x 27mm / 1.61”...
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KLIP BLACK: Aluminum Knife & EDC Suspension Hook
Similar to our KLIP Titanium key hook but made of a lightweight black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The blade is a hybrid half black half stainless steel design for a very unique look!  KLIP's versatility and unique design make it ideal for your...
ION: USB Type-C EDC Pocket Flashlight
Inspired by the sold out IGNITE flashlight from 2016, we wanted to create a new flashlight that was smaller, brighter, easier to operate, and pairs up perfectly with our KLIP: Titanium Suspension Key Hook & Knife. Designed with multiple lighting modes,...
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TL MICRO: Ultra-Compact LED Keychain Touch-Sensor Flashlight
TL MICRO (TouchLight Micro) is an ultra-compact rechargeable LED Flashlight featuring an innovative Touch-sensor, Micro-USB port, and ultra-bright Nichia LED emitter. With four lighting modes and a blinding 280 maximum lumen output, this bad-boy isn't your typical micro flashlight. TL MICRO's rectangular form is designed to be unobtrusive...
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S-Carabiner Keychain
This is for a mini S-Carabiner. You can attach your keys and other accessories to the steel cable ring.Note: You cannot connect this directly to KLIP. It is designed for your keys.
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Titanium Side-Split Keyrings (2 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large) Variety Pack
Titanim Side-Split keyrings are a great, stronger replacement to stainless steel keyrings. Since they are titanium they will not be affected by the magnets if you use a magnetic quick release keychain accessory. They can be pushed sideways to open which...
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Titanium Side-Split Keyrings (Small 20mm) 2-Pack
This is for two titanium side-split keyrings with outside diameter of 20mm. Since they are titanium they will not be affected by the magnets if you use a magnetic quick release on your keys. They are also very lightweight in comparison...
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Replacement Button Switch (For ION Flashlight)
This is for a replacement button switch assembly for ION Pocket Flashlight. It includes the white/transparent rubber seal with metal center button. If you have lost your switch, this is the replacement you will need. Installation is simple with a...
USB-C Charging Cable for ION Flashlight
This is a replacement USB-A to USB-C charging cable. This is a direct replacement to the cable that is included with each ION flaslhight.