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Compact LED flashlight with a magnetic charging port, 720 lumens, and incredible 600 meter beam throw.



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KLIP: Titanium Knife & EDC Suspension Hook
Expertly engineered using grade 5 titanium, KLIP is designed to withstand serious abuse, making it a durable companion for the most demanding cutting needs. KLIP has the perfect balance of tension and flexibility; not too tight, not too loose! Safely...
ION: USB Type-C EDC Pocket Flashlight
Inspired by the sold out IGNITE flashlight from 2016, we wanted to create a new flashlight that was smaller, brighter, easier to operate, and pairs up perfectly with our KLIP: Titanium Suspension Key Hook & Knife. Designed with multiple lighting modes,...
All-Weather Notebook
$7.00 from $5.00
All-Weather Notebook
EpicForged All-Weather Notebook is the perfect compliment to your ION Bolt Action pen. Take the All-Weather Notebook into extreme weather situations with your ION. Whether you’re in the rain or even underwater, its waterproof paper will get the job done....
$7.00 from $5.00
DART Mini Pocket Thrower Flashlight
We are excited to share with you our first EF branded project the EpicForged™ DART Mini Pocket Thrower LED Flashlight, a high-powered, rechargeable flashlight that provides up to 106 hours of light designed for everyone looking for a small compact flashlight with an exceptionally...
$59.00 from $49.00
REKT Utility Knife & EDC Box Cutter
A utility knife is one of the most essential utility tools you can carry with you at all times. It’s important for cutting things like boxes, fishing line, tape, rope, and so much more, which means you can literally use...
from $39.00
KLIP BLACK: Aluminum Knife & EDC Suspension Hook
Similar to our KLIP Titanium key hook but made of a lightweight black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The blade is a hybrid half black half stainless steel design for a very unique look!  KLIP's versatility and unique design make it ideal for your...
Titanium Side-Split Keyrings (2 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large) Variety Pack
Titanim Side-Split keyrings are a great, stronger replacement to stainless steel keyrings. Since they are titanium they will not be affected by the magnets if you use a magnetic quick release keychain accessory. They can be pushed sideways to open which...
$30.00 $20.00
Keychain Pillbox & EDC Container
This convenient keychain pillbox helps carry your medicine or vitamins for the day. The light-weight aluminum casing protects your medicine from being crushed and is also water-proof. Great addition to your everyday carry. Dimensions Outside: 41mm x 27mm / 1.61”...
from $3.00

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