Q: When will my order arrive?

A: We process orders within 24-48 hours of receiving payment on weekdays (Monday - Friday). You will receive a tracking email from us once the order is packaged for shipping.

If you are a United States customer and selected the standard shipping such as USPS First Class Mail it typically will arrive 5 to 7 business days (this was before the COVID-19 pandemic) please allow up to 10 to 14 business days before contacting us.

International customers: If you selected the Standard/ePacket shipping method, it can take 21 to 30 business days to arrive.

Q: Where can I download the user guides for my product?

A: User Guides can be downloaded here:

Q: My ION flashlight is not turning on even after recharging

A: Your ION flashlight might be LOCKED-OUT which is a safety feature as described in the User Guide, you can download the latest user guide for your product here: To UNLOCK: Click 5 times quickly. It is good practice to LOCK-OUT when you're not using your flashlight. Click 5 times to LOCK-OUT. In some cases the ION flashlights come LOCKED-OUT by default out of the box. Also, after recharging, the flashlight may LOCK itself automatically. First try to UNLOCK to see if that fixes it before contacting us. 


Q:What is a pre-order?

A: A pre-order is a purchase for a new item that is not yet in stock and/or is currently being manufactured (e.g. Recently funded on Kickstarter) and you're ordering in advance to lock-in the special pricing.

Q: Why should I pre-order?

A: Purchasing a pre-order item is a great way to secure an item and avoid sell outs and price increases!

Q: How does a pre-order work?

A: To secure your item, full payment is due at checkout. When the item arrives at our office, we will ship the item within two business days. The exact delivery date on Pre-Order items is unknown, unless a release date is specified on the product pages. Once an order is placed, the item will ship when we receive them from our manufacturing partners.

Q: How do I know if an item is a pre-order?

A: All pre-order items will be marked  with a "pre-order" in the product title and within the product details. When possible we will have an estimated shipping date in the description as well.

Q: I want to order a non pre-order item and a pre-order item, how does shipping work for these?

A: Pre-Order items will often have a lengthy waiting period; to lessen the time-frame for which you await your gear, we recommend you place two separate orders; pre-order items on one order and in-stock items on another order. We will then ship the order that is in-stock. 

Q: What about Changes in Delivery Date?

A: Our Pre-order disclaimer: Because the item has not yet reached us, we can not guarantee the exact date your item will ship. Each pre-order item has an estimated shipping date but this is subject to change from the manufacturer without prior notice. If for any reason we are not able to fulfill your pre-order, we will refund you for the full amount immediately.

Q: I want a refund!

A: Simply contact us at if you will like us to cancel and refund your PRE-ORDER. We can only refund it if we have not yet fulfilled the order.