ION: USB Type-C EDC Pocket Flashlight

Inspired by the sold out IGNITE flashlight from 2016, we wanted to create a new flashlight that was smaller, brighter...

Inspired by the sold out IGNITE flashlight from 2016, we wanted to create a new flashlight that was smaller, brighter, easier to operate, and pairs up perfectly with our KLIP: Titanium Suspension Key Hook & Knife. Designed with multiple lighting modes, a high-powered CREE emitter, and a titanium body (also available in black aluminum), ION is one of the most versatile and durable pocket flashlights we have ever designed. Whether you're hiking, camping, backpacking, and just about every adventure in between, ION is going to make the perfect pocket companion. When it comes to working, traveling, or simply walking around in the dark you want to be able to see the world around you more clearly and to keep yourself safer. And lugging around a big, heavy flashlight isn’t always easy or convenient, especially when space is a commodity.

Premium Pocket Flashlight – ION's is a compact, super bright flashlight with 650 lumens of power provides ultra-clarity in low light or complete darkness and is small enough to fit in your pocket or on a keychain.

Sleek, Heavy-Duty Design – Boasting a simple, minimal look this bright LED flashlight is lightweight, IP65 water resistant, and works well in hot or cold temperatures, so you can take it camping, hiking, fishing, dog walking, and more.

Powerful Ternary Lithium Battery – Utilizing ternary battery technology this rechargeable titanium flashlight provides longer battery life and recharges more rapidly with a USB Type-C port to keep it powered up for every adventure.

Removable Pocket Clip and Magnetic Tailcap – Offering versatile indoor and outdoor use this is more than a standard LED keychain flashlight. It can clip on to your bag, backpack, or pocket or attach it to a metal surface magnetically for hands-free use.

Multiple Brightness and Lighting Modes – The ION mini flashlight features a side button switch for one-handed operation and lets you swap between moonlight, low, medium, and high illumination on the fly for optimal clarity.

Standard Modes:

From OFF, simply press and hold down to activate low power. Single clicks will cycle through the different levels; low > medium > high > back to low. From any of these modes, press and hold down to turn off and store that last mode into mode memory.

  • Low: 30 lumens
  • Medium: 130 lumens
  • High: 650 lumens

Moonlight Modes:

From OFF, double click to jump into the moonlight mode. Single clicks to cycle through the moonlight levels; low > medium > high > back to low. Press and hold down to turn off and set that last moonlight mode into mode memory.

  • Moonlight Low: 1 Lumens
  • Moonlight Medium: 3 Lumens
  • Moonlight High: 5 Lumens


From OFF, triple click to activate the strobe. Great for temporarily blinding a threat (for self-defense) or to annoy your friends, family, and co-workers (what we mainly use it for).

  • Self-defense Strobe: 650 Lumens


Locking out the flashlight when not in use is highly recommended. From OFF, simply click 5 times fast to LOCK-OUT. The light will then blink to indicate that it has been LOCKED. To UNLOCK, click 5 times fast again, the light will turn on to indicate it has been unlocked. Please note your flashlight may arrive already LOCKED-OUT by default. Please try unlocking before using for the first time.

LED Indicator:

  • Red: Battery is at less than 25%, recharge flashlight.
  • Green: Battery is currently recharging.
  • Blue: Flashlight is now fully recharged.


  • Weight: Titanium 1.32 oz / 37.42 g, Aluminum 0.98 oz / 17.78 g
  • Length: 77.5 mm / 3.05 in
  • Diameter: 14.75 mm / 0.58 in
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh (not replaceable)

Standard Mode Runtimes:

  • High 650 Lumens: 10 minutes (you will not be using this mode very often, it is too bright for normal use)
  • Medium 130 Lumens: 1.5 hours (most often used)
  • Low 30 Lumens: 3 hours (used very often)

Moonlight Mode Runtimes & Strobe:

  • Moonlight High 5 Lumens: 18.5 hours (most popular setting for daily use)
  • Moonlight Medium 3 Lumens: 25 hours
  • Moonlight Low 1 lumen: 40 hours
  • Strobe 650 Lumens: 10 minutes (used for self-defense/emergency situations)


  • ION Flashlight (Titanium)
  • USB-A to USB Type-C cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Metal Retail/Storage Case

User Guide:

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*Black Aluminum ION is discontinued.

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ION: USB Type-C EDC Pocket Flashlight