TL MICRO: Ultra-Compact LED Keychain Touch-Sensor Flashlight

TL MICRO (TouchLight Micro) is an ultra-compact rechargeable LED Flashlight featuring an innovative Touch-sensor, Mic...

TL MICRO (TouchLight Micro) is an ultra-compact rechargeable LED Flashlight featuring an innovative Touch-sensor, Micro-USB port, and ultra-bright Nichia LED emitter. With four lighting modes and a blinding 280 maximum lumen output, this bad-boy isn't your typical micro flashlight.

TL MICRO's rectangular form is designed to be unobtrusive in the pocket and smooth to retrieve. Chamfered edges along the body reflect our clean and dapper aesthetic.

Capacitive sensing as a human-device interface is becoming increasingly popular and can be recognized in many consumer products such as laptops, tablets, computer monitors, and cell phones... which is why we thought to ourselves, we need to put this into something. So we did! TL MICRO features touch-activation which makes going through modes as easy as a light touch or swipe.

TL MICRO's incredible illumination is provided by a NICHIA 219C 4000K CRI 90+ LED. We choose only the best components for our products and we’re excited to pack a 280 lumen punch of HIGH CRI (92-95) light into your pocket.

TL MICRO's 36-meter range allows you to see many times farther and wider than a smartphone light, with a comfortable grip that better protects your safety.

  • Blue mood-light: 50 hours  
  • Moonlight: 3 lumens 17 hours
  • Medium: 50 lumens 1 hour 50 mins 
  • High: 280 lumens 48 mins
  • Standby: 3378 hours
  • Recharge: 50 mins (250mAh Lithium-ion battery)
  • Lock-out mode


  • Length: 54mm / 2.12"
  • Width: 25mm / 0.98"
  • Thickness: 9mm / 0.35"
  • Weight: 24 grams / 0.84 ounces


Before using your TL MICRO for the first time, please recharge it with the included Micro-USB cable; a red LED indicator means it is currently recharging. TL MICRO will stop taking a charge automatically when it has reached reached 100% (approx. 2 to 3 hours to fully recharge)

Mode Operation:

Blue Mood-light/Breathing mode: Light press to turn on. Light press again to turn off.

From off or from the Mood-light mode, a long press will activate flashlight mode 1: Moonlight. Light presses/taps will cycle through the next modes; Moonlight > Medium > High power > and then back to Moonlight. To turn off the flashlight from any mode, simply press and hold.


To prevent your flashlight from accidental activation. We recommend locking-out the light when not using it. From off, press and hold down for 7 seconds, the moonlight mode will come on but continue to hold until the flashlight flashes quickly 3 times and turns off. The flashlight is now locked-out. To unlock, press and hold for 7 seconds until it turns back on. Note: We recommend recharging the flashlight if unused for 2 weeks when locked-out.

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TL MICRO: Ultra-Compact LED Keychain Touch-Sensor Flashlight