KLIP: Titanium Knife & EDC Suspension Hook

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Even in the digital age, we still have at least a few keys as our constant companions. Carrying hard keys in our pocket is not too fun when they come into contact with and potentially scratch our smart devices. If your keychain has accessories like microlights or a utility knife, this only adds to the discomfort and awkward clump at the bottom of your pocket. With KLIP Titanium Pocket Knife and Suspension Hook, we've rolled two bulky problems into one dapper solution! Simply attach KLIP to your keys and hang it from your belt loop or the lip of your pants pocket. Your keys can rest comfortably and in style. KLIP takes the conventional suspension clip to a whole new level of functionality. The first combination of its kind, KLIP neatly carries your keys and features a built-in precision blade. How did we come up with the name KLIP? Easy: it's a clip + a knife! Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or you carry more keys than the average person, KLIP is the ultimate everyday carry hook option for you.

Expertly engineered using grade 5 titanium, KLIP is designed to withstand serious abuse, making it a durable companion for the most demanding cutting needs. KLIP has the perfect balance of tension and flexibility; not too tight, not too loose! Safely put it on your belt loop, put it in your pocket, put it wherever. You’ll never have a 'dull' moment with KLIP by your side. You can use the built-in knife for almost any cutting task that you'd use a conventional pocket knife to do. Open letters, packages, remove staples, or defend yourself in an emergency.

KLIP's versatility and unique design make it ideal for your everyday adventures, and it's ready to be "unKlipped" whenever you need it. Use KLIP as a suspension hook with keys attached or as a standalone pocket knife. The blade can even be deployed while still attached to your keyring! While KLIP works with most standard split key-rings, we believe that twist-lock steel cable rings are best for strength, security, and style. KLIP is for everyone! We're not sure how sharp your nails are, but most people can't cut things without the aid of a knife.


  • Opened: 85mm / 3.34"
  • Closed: 60mm / 2.36"
  • Blade: 27mm / 1.06"
  • Height: 16.25mm / 0.63"
  • Thickness: 8.15mm / 0.32"
  • Weight: 16 grams / 0.56 ounces


  • Stonewashed Grade 5 titanium
  • Ultra-strong and lightweight
  • Smooth spring-loaded detent ball mechanism
  • Satisfying "click" on blade open/close
  • Super-sharp 440C steel blade
  • Adjustable pivot screw


1 x KLIP - Stonewashed Titanium
1 x Twist-Lock Steel Cable Ring - Silver
1 x Twist-Lock Steel Cable Ring - Black


With all folding knives, it is important to periodically check on the pivot screw. It is not uncommon that due to normal use the screw may become loose. Simply check and re-tighten the pivot screw periodically to prevent accidental disassembly.





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KLIP: Titanium Knife & EDC Suspension Hook