ION Bolt Action Pen

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You’re organized, you're focused, and you have the ability to take on every challenge in stride. We want to make sure...

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You’re organized, you're focused, and you have the ability to take on every challenge in stride. We want to make sure you continue to stay that way with a premium Bolt Action Pen. This sleek bolt action pen is crafted with premium materials, a replaceable ink cartridge, and a modern minimalist look.

  • Bolt-Action Writing Pen – Inspired by the streamlined design of our ION pocket flashlight this pen lets you flick the bolt into place with your thumb and start writing with a smooth transition that’s clean and responsive.
  • Premium Material Finishes – Available in two sleek finishes including stonewashed titanium and matte black aluminum to give you a more subtle look and feel that fits your lifestyle.
  • Fitted with Tritium Vial Slots – Our pen features six 1.5mm x 6mm slots drilled into the top cap so you can install glow-in-the-dark vials or tritium vials (not included) to create an even more exciting pen. We are also including a non-tritium flat cap accessory.
  • Brass Action Pistons - We want to truly create a more utilitarian meets modern pen feel which is why the bolt action pistons inside the pen feature a classic ammo brass color that gives them a more distinct look.
  • Strong Removable Pocket Clip - These bolt action pens are designed with quality precision and are fitted with a minimal pocket clip which makes it easier to keep them attached to your pant or shirt pocket, notebook, writing pad, or other journal or book. It’s even removable and rotatable to better fit your specific everyday carry needs.
  • Minimalistic Front Grip - The front of our bolt action pens feature tactile lines that help improve your finger grip when writing, so you can maintain more control over each smooth swoop of the pen.
  • Parker-style Refills – This pen can be refilled with compatible Parker Style ink refills with minimal effort, so you can continue to use it for all your home, business, office, or travel writing and scheduling needs.
  • Weight: Titanium ~ 0.98 oz / 27.78 g, Aluminum ~ 0.72 oz / 20.41 g, Stainless Steel ~ 1.33 oz / 37.70 g, Brass ~ 1.48 oz / 41.95 g, Copper ~ 1.48 oz / 41.95 g 
  • Length: 121.92 mm / 4.80 in
  • Diameter: 9.80 mm / 0.386 in

Choose from Stonewashed Titanium, Black Stainless Steel PVD, Copper, Brass, and Matte Black Aluminum

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*The brass and copper pens come with brass and copper pistons to match the body respectively. All other pens will come with brass pistons for a two-tone look.

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