DART Mini Pocket Thrower Flashlight

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We are excited to share with you our first EF branded project the EpicForged™ DART Mini Pocket Thrower LED Flashlight...

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We are excited to share with you our first EF branded project the EpicForged™ DART Mini Pocket Thrower LED Flashlight, a high-powered, rechargeable flashlight that provides up to 106 hours of light designed for everyone looking for a small compact flashlight with an exceptionally long beam throw that you just have to see to believe! A flashlight is one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment that anyone can carry. And be it walking your dog around the block at night, checking a perimeter during a security sweep, or finding your campsite in the dark our compact, portable light will help you see what’s ahead for improved personal safety.

Ultra-Bright Thrower - While some flashlights are bright at short distances, ours is designed for longer distances. DART can last up to 106 hours on moonlight and reach up to an incredible 600 meters on maximum when you want to see far into the distance.

Multiple Lighting Modes - This advanced LED flashlight actually features multiple lighting functions to support your personal needs including moonlight, low, medium, high, turbo, strobe, beacon, and SOS.

Magnetic Tailcap - Offering versatile indoor and outdoor use this is more than a standard LED flashlight. It can clip on to your bag, backpack, or pocket or attach it to a metal surface magnetically for hands-free use.

Convenient Magnetic Charging - The EpicForged™ mini pocket flashlight also comes with a magnetic charging port that connects quickly and starts recharging the replaceable lithium-ion battery. The included 18350 battery offers 1100mAh of capacity.

DART Set Includes:

1 x DART Flashlight
1 x 18350 1100mAh battery (installed)
1 x Magnetic Charging Cable
1 x Flashlight Holster
1 x Wrist Lanyard

Optional Accessories:

- Battery Extension Tube (so you can run the larger capacity 18650 batteries)

- 18650 Batteries (Built using Panasonic/Sanyo cells and assembled by XTAR)

Mode Operation & User Guide:


DART comes with four levels of brightness, moonlight, mode-memory feature, self-defense strobe, SOS, and a Beacon strobe mode.



Runtime (18350 battery)


20 (3520 cd)

12 hours


100 (13200 cd) 

4 hours


230 (31200 cd)

1 hour 20 minutes


720 (89600 cd)

1 hour 10 minutes


720 (89600 cd)



720 (89600 cd)



720 (89600 cd)



LOCK-OUT: DART is equipped with a LOCK-OUT feature to prevent accidental activation. We recommend locking out the flashlight when you’re not using it. From OFF, click 4 times quickly to LOCK-OUT. DART will blink to indicate that it has been locked. To UNLOCK, click 4 times quickly again.

MOONLIGHT MODE OPERATION: While the flashlight is OFF, press and hold the switch down for half a second to activate moonlight. Press once to turn OFF.

REGULAR MODE OPERATION: From OFF, click once for Mode 1: Low Power. Press and hold down to cycle through the different modes; Low > Medium > High > and back to Low. Simply release the button on the mode you want to use. Press once to turn OFF and to store that mode into last mode memory. The next time you power on, it will start from that last mode.

TURBO MODE: This is the highest and brightest setting. From OFF or from any mode, click twice quickly to jump into turbo mode. Note: This mode cannot be stored in mode memory.

SELF-DEFENSE STROBE: Used for self-defense, the strobe mode can temporarily blind an assailant and may potentially stop a threat. Click three times from any mode. Press once to turn OFF. Note: This mode cannot be stored in mode memory.

SOS STROBE: Used during emergencies, you can access this mode from the SELF-DEFENSE STROBE mode. While in SELF-DEFENSE STROBE mode, simply press and hold down to activate SOS. Click once to turn OFF. Note: This mode cannot be stored in mode memory.

BEACON STROBE: Used as a way to signal your location, the beacon strobe will be activated from SOS STROBE mode. Once SOS STROBE is activated, press and hold to activate BEACON STROBE. Press once to turn OFF. Note: This mode cannot be stored in mode memory.

LED POWER INDICATOR LIGHT: The LED indicator in the center of the side button switch can be used to determine current power remaining. Red LED indicates that the flashlight battery has fallen below 19% and needs to be recharged. Purple indicates 20% to 49%. Blue means it is at 50% to 100% charged.

REPLACEABLE BATTERY: DART comes standard with an 18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is removable and replaceable. Depending on your usage, you will eventually need to replace the battery when you notice that it no longer holds a charge efficiently.

18650 BATTERY EXTENSION TUBE: One of DART’s unique features is the ability to use a larger 18650 battery. When equipped with the 18650 battery extension tube accessory (included on certain bundle packages) you will be able to use an 18650 battery that offers more capacity than the standard included 18350 battery. When using the battery extension tube with DART we recommend using only PROTECTED button-top 18650 batteries made with trusted brand cells such as Panasonic, Sanyo, and/or LG. Note: The extension tube can only work in one direction. If you find that your flashlight is not working with either of the tubes attached, it is most likely attached on backwards. Simply unscrew it and flip it around.

RECHARGING YOUR DART: You can use the supplied magnetic USB charging cable to recharge the DART. Insert the larger standard USB end into a power source of your choice such as a computer/laptop USB port, or an AC adapter plug that you would use to recharge your mobile phone, and then attach the magnetic end to the side of the flashlight, opposite of the power switch. You may also unscrew the magnetic tailcap and remove the battery and charge it in an independent lithium-ion battery charger. If you are using the battery extension tube accessory with a 18650 battery, we recommend using an independent lithium-ion battery charger to recharge the battery for faster charging.

Note: Battery extension tubes, trusted brand 18650 batteries, and lithium-ion battery chargers are sold separately.

We were funded on Kickstarter!

Although our campaign is over, you can still see all the details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dapperdesignllc/dart-mini-pocket-thrower-flashlight

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